NS Tranz Angled Cheltenham gag

NS Tranz Angled Cheltenham gag



Suuosan paksuus 16mm. Hyödyllinen hevosille, joilla taipumus nykiä päätä tai vetää pää alas. Oliivi rengasta käytetään yleensä hevosilla, joilla taipumusta suupielien aukeamiseen, koska se on vakaampi ja pienentää ohjasta tulevaa kitkaa. 


Vuokrahinta 35e

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Useful on horses that tend to lean or snatch down. The Eggbutt cheek is often used for horses that are prone to rubbing, especially in the corner of the mouth as it is more stable and reduces friction. The two rein options will allow the rider to have varying degrees of control being able to differentiate between the snaffle rein and the running cheek rein that provides poll pressure. However, many riders successfully only employ the running cheek rein which maximises on control and lift from the shoulder. Use either in conjunction with our own rolled leather cheeks, aesthetically pleasing and softer in their action, or our rope cheeks that have a faster action.

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